Empowering Seniors through Community Engagement


connecting seniors 

JoinMe is a web-based platform that aims to connect seniors with their local communities, providing them with opportunities to share their skills, participate in activities, and engage with businesses and local governments. As the product designer for JoinMe, my role was to create a user-centric platform that catered to the unique needs of seniors while facilitating effective community engagement.

THe Challenge

A platform to empower seniors

The challenge was to design a platform that would empower seniors to showcase their talents, participate in community events, and enable businesses and local governments to better engage with the senior population.

THe Challenge

THe Challenge

User Research

To understand the needs and pain points of seniors, we conducted extensive user research, including surveys and interviews with seniors, community administrators, and businesses. We discovered that seniors were eager to contribute their skills and talents, but faced challenges in finding opportunities and connecting with relevant communities. Additionally, businesses and local governments sought a streamlined approach to engage with seniors effectively.

THe Challenge

Concept and Ideation

Developed the concept of JoinMe as a platform centered around Gigs, where seniors could offer their skills and services.
Brainstormed features such as Professional Groups, Events, Groups, and Services to facilitate community engagement.

THe Challenge


Created wireframes and mockups to design an intuitive and accessible user interface for seniors.
Conducted user testing sessions to gather feedback and iterated on the design to enhance usability and user experience.

THe Challenge

Talent Discovery

Designed and developed the Talent Discovery feature, allowing seniors to create personalized profiles showcasing their skills and expertise.
Implemented personalized playlists, radio stations, and music recommendations to enhance the user experience and engagement.

THe Challenge

HireMe and Professional Groups

Designed and developed the HireMe feature, enabling seniors to offer their services for hire.
Created offline listening capabilities, allowing users to download songs for offline playback.